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holiday stuff(ing) – week five

1. leave cookies out for Santa.Santa called. He wants his good old-fashioned chocolate chip cookies back (with gluten). 2. give yourself a breakT-minus 4 days to go. The crazy is almost behind you. Take a mini meditation break to recharge or hit up your favourite yoga class. You deserve a little me-time and you’ll feel […]

the bake-off results are in!

Last month, we challenged the world to a bake-off, lululemon styles. We were blown away by the creativity and care that went into your confectionary concoctions. Without further ado, here are some of the highlights! This edible logo was sent in by Sarah! A recreation of lululemon Upper Canada Mall, sent in by Heather. Jennifer […]

lululemon loves sweet treats

Last Sunday I was poking around our stores’ Facebook pages (my usual Sunday morning routine) and I stumbled upon an album that our Kingston, Ontario store created. It was a collection of pictures of cakes, cookies, and other lululemon themed confectionery delights! The baker, the crafter, and the cupcake eater in me thought that this […]