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(cross)fit for travel

it’s time to think inside the box If the Terminator movies were all about the rise of machines, the exact opposite is true of CrossFit, says Pete Kendrick of CrossFit 604 in Vancouver. “The idea of working out on machines is gone. The more simple and basic the movement or exercise is, the more effective […]

goal-getter: dan wells

I used to roll my third eye whenever a CrossFitter would blather on about their WOD and proudly show off a new hand callus, still trickling with fresh blood. I didn’t get their seemingly inane quest to become stronger or appreciate their covert language of AMRAPS, EMOM, PRs… until I tried CrossFit for myself. Now, […]

yoga for crossfit

CrossFit and yoga are both favourite ways of sweating in Columbus, so to introduce you to our almost open Polaris Store, our educator Layne asked yogi and ambassador Lara Falberg which yoga poses are best for elevating your CrossFit practice. yin and yang At first glance, yoga and CrossFit seem like an unlikely combination. Once […]

crossfit mythbusters

True or False? CrossFit is for meatheads who yell, grunt and assign first names to their biceps. False. Members of our digital team recently took to our local CrossFit gym for an eye-opening, myth-busting workout. As it turns out, CrossFit isn’t actually a breeding ground for men who can sum up their lives with the three-part acronym GTL.

chip’s love list

Meet Chip Wilson: husband, dad, and founder of lululemon! We asked him to share a few of the things he loves with you. Here are his answers: Magazine: Nylon Book: Catch 22 lululemon shirt: 5 Year T Way to sweat: The Grouse Grind! Website: Ted.com Tech gadget: BlackBerry / Kindle Way to spend a Sunday […]

find your community

When I moved back to London from Vancouver, despite being a Brit born and bred, I got some of the fiercest culture shock I’ve ever experienced in all my travels. A country girl by nature, and fresh from a year of living by the ocean, with yoga at the heart of most of my days, […]

goal setting: field of dreams

Most of us have seen the movie Field of Dreams and are therefore familiar with the famous quote, “If you build it, they will come”. At lululemon athletica, building dreams is what we are all about. We are constantly encouraged to set career, personal and health goals. We sit down with each other over coffee, […]

how crossfit rolls in nj

This blog is written by Marguerite, the assistant manger for the Summit, New Jersery showroom.  She is passionate about family, health, and fitness with a new soft spot for Crossfit! The ladies at Crossfit! The Summit Showroom in New Jersey is embracing CrossFit! Our ambassador, Karianne Dickson recently placed first in her division at the […]

find your seasonal colour personality

Colours from our new palette have started brightening up our online shop and our stores and showrooms. Want to figure out which colour might be right for you? Choose the closest answer to each question below to find your seasonal colour personality. 1. my favourite way to sweat is: a) I work out often and […]