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when the national ballet calls…

Sometimes we’re racy and sometimes we’re lacy! So when the National Ballet called and asked us to construct a tutu to help commemorate their 60th anniversary we saw it as the perfect opportunity to showcase technical beauty. We did our best curtsey to accept the honour and then buried ourselves in a sea of luon […]

4 things you must do this weekend

happy weekend!

we smell a cross-border dance sesh!

No matter your age, there is nothing more rad than a Friday night with your girlfriends dancing your brains out (although as we get older, the refreshments served start tasting a little funnier). Come to think of it, we’ve spent so much time singing into our hairbrushes over the years that it seems weird they […]

the benefits of barre

After discovering one of my old dance recital VHS a few years back, I did two things. I wondered why my parents kept me enrolled in a dance program for so long and I vowed to stay clear of a dance floor for the rest of my life. That was until I discovered a fitness class where I found myself plié-ing and elevé-ing at the barre once more and, surprisingly, quite liking it. Our Boston-based Core Fusion Ambassador, Andrea Isabelle Lucas, takes us back to first position with the benefits of barre.

sweat gracefully with ballet

With so many workouts promising ‘dancer body’ results, Eaton Centre educators Jessica and Keri decided to go straight to the source and try the real thing.

ivivva’s dance dance evolution

Let’s take it back to a few years ago –okay maybe more than just a few. Let’s go back to that time when your inner kid didn’t exist because, well, that’s just who you were. A kid. If your childhood was anything like mine, the concept of “spreading yourself too thin” only applied to too little jam on your toast.

exploration at wanderlust yoga festival

Are you in the first few years of a yoga practice like I am? Do you live your life in a whirlwind of work, friendships, family and everything else in between…and sometimes feel tired and overextended when your head hits the pillow? If this sounds like you, I highly recommend heading with a few close friends to a weekend festival like Wanderlust.

set your goals and dance

Something you should know about Thea, one of our West 4th educators, is that she loves to dance for fun. For her, a successful party is simply not complete without a sweet, sweet dance floor. She tells us how her passion for dance led her to a series of Big, Hairy, Audacious Goals.

the future sound of yoga

Some may new types of yoga classes as contamination in the yoga pool, others as evolution. We say switching up the routine and trying something new is the way to go. Yoga is like creme brulee: divine and perfect just the way it is but sometimes you just want to try that crazy new dessert, right?

lululemon is…laura appleton

When Richard Roberts and Phillip Sharp won a Nobel Prize in 1993 for their work with split genes, Laura Appleton thought she was on to a winning formula. Her jean-splitting lunge is definitely prize worthy (although she still hasn’t received her Nobel Prize for it) and her BHAGs  keep her achieving awesome things every day. […]