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devil in the details | katie

accessory designer katie behind the seams There’s a special art to adding just the right touches that make an outfit – designing those pieces takes an extra special eye. We met up with our accessories designer, Katie, to chat inspiration, summer goals and bags, bags, bags. where do you look for inspiration? All the designers […]

brace yourselves

Welcoming a whole new level of support: the bracer family is designed for high impact sports and long distance running. The bras are designed to solve the unique needs of a range of cup sizes, so your cup size determines which bra you wear. the bracer family the technology This technology uses encapsulation: by separating […]

brace yourself: the itty

The itty bracer is developed for A-cup runners. It’s specially designed for high-impact sports, and long distance running. Truth bomb: it’s tight – it will relax a little once your body heats up. Adjustable hook-and-eye closure puts the fit in your hands – adjust before putting on. Make way for a new wave of bra […]

ask britt: she’s got your answers

You’ve got questions – we see you, we hear you – Britt’s got answers. The first in a series of “Ask Britt” videos with our Lead Product Educator Britt answering your questions no matter how small, big, or weird. Check out our Facebook page and YouTube channel also for her most recent answers. Check out […]

an engaging story

While out for dinner with the design team on a work trip to Taipei – Aly, our run fit model, casually mentioned, “if Steve (her boyfriend) proposed to me tomorrow, I would definitely say yes”. Having only dated for a year, it was bold statement to make. Little did she know, it was exactly what […]

one yoga | ryan leier

You can often find us flowing at One Yoga For The People, a small studio tucked away in Gastown, Vancouver. We caught up with owner, and lululemon ambassador, Ryan Leier to chat about his studio, his lululemon lab collaboration and his favourite books and music. Your studio is called One Yoga for the People. What’s the philosophy behind the name? […]

our just-because love list

We don’t think we need any reason to share the things we love. Here’s what’s been making us think, act, create and laugh this month. From their blog to this stunning book, we’re soaking up everything Design Sponge has to offer.   How many Downward Dogs ‘til we can yoga-breakdance like Alex Yde?   Whisker […]

meet the new lululemon.com

Meet the new lululemon.com. To get to know her a little better we asked her a few questions (as we do with all new hires). where did you grow up? I grew up on the mean streets of Kitsilano, Vancouver BC. We didn’t even have broadband back then. If we were lucky we had dial-up […]

sheree’s life in black & white

The renovation clock is ticking. We’ve blacked out our online store as we move ahead with our site’s renovation. We’ve affectionately called the place “Boutique Noir” because let’s face it, it sounds better that way. To celebrate the state of affairs, we interviewed Sheree Waterson, our Executive VP of Merchandise Management. Why? You’ll see.

accessorize your monday!

meet us on monday Last Monday we met Jurgen from recruiting. Today, start off your week by meeting Katie from our accessories design team. what is something unique or surprising about you? I have a twin brother. He’s massive – think ‘Shrek’-like proportions. Not sure how we survived a womb together, but that might explain why […]