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devil in the details | katie

accessory designer katie behind the seams There’s a special art to adding just the right touches that make an outfit – designing those pieces takes an extra special eye. We met up with our accessories designer, Katie, to chat inspiration, summer goals and bags, bags, bags. where do you look for inspiration? All the designers […]

an engaging story

While out for dinner with the design team on a work trip to Taipei – Aly, our run fit model, casually mentioned, “if Steve (her boyfriend) proposed to me tomorrow, I would definitely say yes”. Having only dated for a year, it was bold statement to make. Little did she know, it was exactly what […]

when the national ballet calls…

Sometimes we’re racy and sometimes we’re lacy! So when the National Ballet called and asked us to construct a tutu to help commemorate their 60th anniversary we saw it as the perfect opportunity to showcase technical beauty. We did our best curtsey to accept the honour and then buried ourselves in a sea of luon […]

katie and the broken pencil

Our designers are like a hive of busy little creative bees, always buzzing around thinking of ways to make our lives and work outs easier. Unlike real bees, our designers also like to stop and have fun. This black and white striped bee is our accessories designer Katie with her grapeseed Retro Groove Bag.

how not to wear prints

“Somewhere in the world, lululemon is paying unicorns to watch ‘The Notebook’.” OK, maybe not, but it’s the funniest thing we read online this week. Say hello to our newest print: Unicorn Tears.

meet our designers’ moms

In celebration of moms everywhere, we asked some of the lululemon product designers to introduce us to their moms. cara and her mom gail Mum, thanks for encouraging me to follow my passion no matter what – I wouldn’t have turned my hobby into my career if it wasn’t for you! I <3 U!! – […]

elite ambassador retreat

What do you get when you mix 10 of the world’s best athletes, one of the world’s best yogis, two of the world’s best designers, two of the world’s best lululemon-leaders, and one of the most beautiful places on earth? Well, you get the lululemon elite retreat 2009 — and obviously a really great time. […]

the definition of support

Our bra designer (aka Chief Ta Ta Tamer) Melissa (on the right) with MelEesa, also a lululemon designer. In less then 3 days time, I’ll begin a 60km journey through the streets of Vancouver. I’ll be one of a couple of thousand participants in The Weekend To End Breast Cancer which benefits The BC Cancer […]

urban yogini design contest

Recently the lululemon design team hooked up with the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC for the finale of the ‘Urban Yogini’ design contest. The challenge was for students in any year to design 3 outfits for the urban yogini: taking her from the studio to the street with style. There was no better city […]