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to juice or not to juice?

Getting your daily dosage of fruits and vegetables can be daunting. How many spinach leaves, beets and carrots can one person honestly eat each day? The pursuit of healthy living may be easy for some – for the rest of us, there’s the juicer. It’s definitely a lifestyle choice that requires time and money. Is it worth it? to juice… […]

to cleanse or not to cleanse?

Last month, a few colleagues did the 12-day Wild Rose Cleanse. The reviews poured in: “I feel fantastic.“ “This cleanse has changed my life.” And the one that really got my attention: “I’ll never put milk in my coffee again!”. Coffee with milk is what gets me out of bed each morning, so I had […]

how hot yoga saved my life

Day one, I knew I’d found ‘my thing’. I had never seen myself bead with sweat like I did in my first hot yoga class. I loved that though it was an extremely challenging workout, it was much more forgiving on my joints than running. I had finally discovered my ideal activity; little did I […]