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guide to lululemon product lingo

Confused by those special little abbreviations on our hangtags?  Want to learn to educate like the pros in our stores? Say hello to our crash course on lululemon product lingo. We use abbreviations in our product names and on our hangtags to tell you what kind of technology makes each garment special. Consider this your […]

say hello to silverescent luon

Our product designers have been busy, and their latest fabric innovation is no exception. The newest member of the luon family feels and looks like regular luon, but has an anti-stink twist (hint: it has to do with silver) — making it perfect for 30-day yoga challenges. lululemon Product Trainer, Brittany, is here to tell […]

the truth about merino wool

Scratchy, heavy, and uncomfortable: these are common misconceptions about wearing wool. Read on to learn what Alexis discovered while product testing the Run: Balance Pullover as an athletic and technical fabric. Hint: it involves the word magical. Forecast = rain. Merino wool = dry and cozy. Let me start by saying that keeping warm is […]

up close with the run:sun blocker

At lululemon, we want you to have a fun, active, and safe summer, so without further ado allow us to introduce your skin to UPF Sheer Jersey! Our designers have created a new fabric called UPF Sheer Jersey thanks to the feedback of our hot climate athletes who wanted more sun protection in a light […]

wunder under challenge: day 31 with my pants

Day 31 learnings: 1. lululemon makes amazing black stretchy pants. Both pairs of my Wunder Unders have stood up to this challenge beautifully. They weren’t brand new to begin with but they haven’t “aged” either. The color did not fade, the fabric did not stretch out and there has been minimal pilling from abrasion. 2. It […]

five things to know before

We all know about the three Ls in lululemon, but what about the five Fs? You might not be able to see them right away, but you think about them more than you realize… and so do we! Picture the scene: you walk into a lululemon store, and something catches your eye. “How can I […]

the little tear-out tag that could

Did you know that one of the most amazing details on a brand new lululemon garment is a thin strip of ribbon located (usually) at the base of the neck? Get out your magnifying glasses and check out what you’ve been missing! The reversed side of the tag is in French. For our American friends, […]

fall(ing) for reversibility!

Above: Rideau Centre Assistant Manager Danielle Beland Models the Start it Up Jacket! The idea of “two looks in one” is hardly a new one for lululemon athletica. Anyone that has worn a pair of Groove Pants has been enjoying double the stylish active-wear pleasure for years. For Fall 2009 our design team created a […]

up close with our running line features

Below is an up close look at some of the technical features that really make our run line rock. The next time you take one of our run garments out for a spin, take a deeper look at the features that are built in to keep you focused on pace over chafe. Built in liners […]

heathered charcoal: the new black

Heathered charcoal is the new black, and here’s why!