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post-run pumpkin spice protein smoothie

From Cinderella’s carriage to the perfect canvas for crooked smiles, pumpkins have found their way into the limelight time and time again. Sydnie, our Briar Hill store manager, makes pumpkin the star of her favourite autumn post-run smoothie. She’s packed the beverage full of protein, nutrients and lots of delicious fall flavour.

10 tidbits on tea

Pinkies up folks, it’s tea season! The first of September symbolizes many things for many people – for me, it’s a reminder that it’s time to pull out my prized tea collection (which is starting to look something more like an obsession) and rekindle my love affair with a hot cuppa. Here are 10 fun […]

ear warming fall playlist

Fall is such a deliciously complicated season. Crisp air, back-to-school memories and leaf-covered streets are a constant reminder of the cycle of life. To complement these visceral feelings, nostalgia for summer magic fills our hearts with bittersweet memories and gratitude. Consequently, taking quiet moments to renew our yoga practice and set our intentions never feels more ‘right’ than in autumn.

inside the mind of a designer

The question I hear most often as a designer (right after ‘Where’d you get those shoes?’) is: ‘Where do you come up with all your ideas?’ I suppose from an outside point of view, the design process appears to be a mystery, with new product arriving in stores week after week. It’s actually a continuous […]

fall 2010 sneak peek!

Brittany, our product trainer, recently got her hands on some samples for Fall 2010 and put together a special sneak peek video for you with some highlights. Enjoy! These items and colours will be available between now and the next six weeks, so if you don’t see the item you’re after online or at your […]

how to layer your run outfit

Elissa layering up in the Velocity Jacket Running is such a beautiful thing. With each step and each breath, you power yourself to move forward. Everyone’s run form and cadence are very different. We are all moving forward, but in a unique way. Some shuffle, some prance with short or long strides, but it’s all […]

(fall)ing into organic cotton

Is it just me, or is autumn the best? I love shifting seasons. Everything slows down in my world in the fall: the tempo of the music I reach for, the way I cook my dinners, and the workouts that appeal to me. Give me a peaceful stretch in a warm room, bathed in dim […]

huff n puff vest keeps you toasty

I can hardly wait for Fall to start so I can wear my new Huff n Puff vest outside and NOT get strange looks… As it is, I wear it inside the office when the air conditioning is a wee bit on the chilly side – somehow it’s a little more accepted inside the office […]

it’s tank time folks!

You asked for it: everything you ever wanted to know about the new tanks hitting your local store, or our online one. Ch-ch-check it below! Want to see some of the tanks featured in this video? Check ‘em out: http://shop.lululemon.com/women_tanks/pl/c/530.html Up next? Learn all about how to find the perfect fitting bra!

the perfect running outfit

Thanks to all your great feedback requesting more video content on our blog, we put our video guru and design team to work. Watch for more fit, function, and product videos to hit the lululemon blog in the coming weeks. In the video below, watch as Shannon, our run and outerwear designer, helps you build the […]