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meet mara

With Wanderlust Whistler just over a week away, we wanted to introduce you to one of our favourite Vancouver-based instructors, Mara Branscombe, who just last weekend taught a sunset yoga class to 1,000 people at Kits Beach – many of whom had just run the SeaWheeze half marathon! what style of yoga do you teach? […]

wanderlust vermont…live!

In just a few days, Wanderlust will be a lot more to me than just my favorite Bjork song. On Wednesday afternoon, a van full of our friendly lululemon neighbours to the north (most of whom I’ve never met, I’ll categorize this under “details my mom doesn’t need to know about”) will pick me up […]

yoga. music. wanderlust. whistler!

What are you doing on August 23-26, 2012? The first-ever Wanderlust Festival in Canada is taking place in Whistler, BC, and we couldn’t be more stoked to be hosting this huge yoga and music experience in our own backyard. what is wanderlust? Yoga. Music. Dancing. Mountains. Put all those together and add amazing yoga instructors, […]

day 1 at wanderlust

Today our on-the-mat correspondent Alana got in touch with her inner pole dancer, cleaned out her personal “junk drawer”, met her mat neighbours, had a yoga breakthrough and laid a pretend egg. And this was just the first day of the Wanderlust festival.

exploration at wanderlust yoga festival

Are you in the first few years of a yoga practice like I am? Do you live your life in a whirlwind of work, friendships, family and everything else in between…and sometimes feel tired and overextended when your head hits the pillow? If this sounds like you, I highly recommend heading with a few close friends to a weekend festival like Wanderlust.

the wanderlust festival

What is the Wanderlust Festival? It’s a yoga / nature / music summer getaway. The yoga and music experience will emerge this summer in Squaw Valley Lake Tahoe, California. From July 24-26 this innovative festival will bring together rock star yoga teachers and current top performers in rock and roll. What could be a more […]