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vancouver city guide

The SeaWheeze Half Marathon is happening August 10 and we are on the countdown. Over 10, 000 locals and out-of-towners will be literally running this town Saturday morning and painting the town Saturday night. We’ve put together a city guide with some of our favourite spaces and places in Vancouver but here are a few […]

10 tidbits on tea

Pinkies up folks, it’s tea season! The first of September symbolizes many things for many people – for me, it’s a reminder that it’s time to pull out my prized tea collection (which is starting to look something more like an obsession) and rekindle my love affair with a hot cuppa. Here are 10 fun […]

it’s chai time

We can tell it’s the holidays because we’re knee deep in flour (the Vancouver equivalent to a white Christmas). Our Carlsbad store keyleader, Maiah, took to her kitchen determined to infuse some classic Christmas flavour and baking into her vegan diet. These cookies are quick to whip up and are the perfect combination of sugar […]