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my goals | manny osborne-paradis

At the time I chatted with Manny Osborne-Paradis, he was sitting in the second of four available spots for Sochi next February, and had a laser focus on placing in the top 12 in his upcoming races to ensure a spot on the Canadian Olympic team. But you don’t get the level Manny has in […]

found: in whistler, bc

Morgan connects with you, our guests, as part of our online community team. The triple threat of biking, running and snowboarding are just a few of her favourite things. As a runner, yoga is a way for me to keep my body together and balanced, so I had been frequenting other studios in Whistler but […]

this is full-on luon

Antonia Antonia is our lead designer for yoga and has been working on our new Full-On Luon for two years. She inadvertently began her design career as a kid, when she would advise her mom on how to tweak her dance costumes—putting a pocket here or moving a ruffle there. Plus there was that time […]

sweat your heart out in silverescent

We developed Silverescent(™) technology for one reason: we don’t want the tops that we really sweat in to smell anymore. Interestingly, this wasn’t a battle against sweat—we love sweat, and the sweat itself does not stink. It is the bacterias that feed off sweat that predominantly cause odours. So imagine our stoke about a technology […]

the road to gold | skier manny osborne-paradis

Spend five minutes with adrenaline junkie Manuel Osborne-Paradis and it’s hard to imagine the Canadian alpine skier in any other job. This is a guy who will hurtle himself down mountains at speeds that exceed 100 kilometres per hour, who coaches and mentors youth athletes, who swings a mean golf club and who really, really […]

hey, it’s a showdown!

This is it! For a month we have been celebrating your favourite gear on heylululemon. During the nominations phase of One More Time, the love notes, personal photos, videos and infographics that you created turned our site into a colourful collage of our greatest hits. You’ve shared your beloved designs, rallied your troops and the […]

how to wheel

Want to relieve some stress, overcome that afternoon slump and increase your energy? Our Hong Kong Citicorp showroom ambassador, Cindy Leung, works through Wheel Pose (aka Urdhva Dhanurasana, Chakrasana, or Upward Facing Bow), a heart-opening posture.   Here’s Cindy’s 10-step breakdown to Chakrasana success: 1) Lie down on your back, feet hip-width apart, knees and […]

recap: instagram takeover

Our Instagram is behind the scenes access to all the fun stuff we’re up to. Whether it’s a group yoga class that one of our stores is hosting, our favourite pre- or post-run smoothie or a sneak peek at a product photo shoot, we share it all on Instagram and last month, we decided to […]

wear the perfect pair

For the goods on how to pick the perfect pants for all the ways you sweat, we went straight to our educator Britt. Here’s her take on five key silhouettes and when you’ll want to wear them, too. I’ve been an educator for a long time, and my favourite place to work is still at […]

hey, one more time!

  We asked, you shared and now we’re inspired! We’ve been hearing a lot of shout outs to blasts from the past on heylululemon, so we’re going to celebrate some of our greatest gear One More Time. We know it’s hard to choose your favourite piece—our closets are full of vintage treasures, too. We’re going […]