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east vs. west: we style the scuba hoodie

A little healthy east versus west competition never gets old. Toronto vs. Vancouver, New York vs. LA; we’ve all been there, rooting for the home coast. And while there are arguably garments that make more sense on one side of the country than the other, one thing we know is that a good hoodie has […]

found: in nyc’s west village

Born and raised in Duluth, Minnesota (that’s on the southern shore of beautiful Lake Superior), Julie has called Minneapolis, Chicago, LA, and now NYC home. She’s all about going on fun adventures, a good sweat session, red wine and champagne. Did we mention red wine? She really likes red wine. I couldn’t calm my mind. […]

hey, sketchpad to shelf!

Over on heylululemon, One More Time is moving from the Showdown phase to Sketchpad to Shelf phase. Celebrating some of our greatest gear and hearing your passion for it has been a blast! Thanks for getting involved, joining together and selecting the design hitting our online ‘shelves.’ It has been a close competition with the […]

get your hands on her (wishlist)

  Be a holiday hero. 8:00am – Get your hands on her wishlist. 8:01am – Check it out anywhere with Internet. 8:30am – Go skiing. Drink Beer. Play hockey. Watch football. (Not necessarily in that order.)    

no humbug this holiday season

#NoHumbug Challenge Let’s be real, the next six weeks have the potential to be really hectic and stressful. We designed the #NoHumbug challenge to help us stay focused on what really matters (like love, laughter and eggnog). Join the #NoHumbug 31-day challenge and help us spread the love! Tweet and Instagram your daily acts of […]

up close and personal with manny osborne-paradis

Manny Osborne-Paradis will be the first to tell you that breakfast is the most important meal of the day—not just now, as a competitive athlete, but also during his days as a runway model. Say what? Yep, when we got personal with the Super-G skier we found out he once strolled the catwalk, and much […]

my goals | manny osborne-paradis

At the time I chatted with Manny Osborne-Paradis, he was sitting in the second of four available spots for Sochi next February, and had a laser focus on placing in the top 12 in his upcoming races to ensure a spot on the Canadian Olympic team. But you don’t get the level Manny has in […]

found: in whistler, bc

Morgan connects with you, our guests, as part of our online community team. The triple threat of biking, running and snowboarding are just a few of her favourite things. As a runner, yoga is a way for me to keep my body together and balanced, so I had been frequenting other studios in Whistler but […]

this is full-on luon

Antonia Antonia is our lead designer for yoga and has been working on our new Full-On Luon for two years. She inadvertently began her design career as a kid, when she would advise her mom on how to tweak her dance costumes—putting a pocket here or moving a ruffle there. Plus there was that time […]

sweat your heart out in silverescent

We developed Silverescent(™) technology for one reason: we don’t want the tops that we really sweat in to smell anymore. Interestingly, this wasn’t a battle against sweat—we love sweat, and the sweat itself does not stink. It is the bacterias that feed off sweat that predominantly cause odours. So imagine our stoke about a technology […]