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what do you do that’s full-on? | joel & tess

Joel Joel—the guy busting the sweet air above—is on our people potential team. This pic was snapped at Mt. Seymour in North Vancouver, which is his go-to local mountain because the park rocks. He just accepted a challenge to ride 99 days this season—! How do you define full-on? Focus and commitment. What do you […]

meet full-on luon

Antonia (see her in the video, below!) Antonia is our lead designer for yoga and has been working on our new Full-On Luon for two years. She inadvertently began her design career as a kid, when she would advise her mom on how to tweak her dance costumes—putting a pocket here or moving a ruffle […]

introducing Full-On Luon

We’re always innovating and pushing the envelope when it comes to the design, fit and function of our product, and this includes innovations around Luon®. We’ve been working hard for over two years to develop a new member of our Luon® fabric family. I’m so excited to introduce you to Full-On Luon®. Our team of […]