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10 things to bring on your run

Whether you’re heading on vacay or out for a run – packing is a skill not easily mastered. We asked seasoned runners who have gone the distance (like, every distance) for their ‘take-it or leave-it’ run gear. 10 things to bring on your run 1. house key Two things that suck: being robbed and getting locked […]

winter running love list

I can’t help but feel that we live a bit of a charmed life here in Vancouver. With moderate winter temperatures and no serious threat of ice or snow, our biggest winter running obstacle is soggy feet. Charmed as it is, naïve we are not. We asked some of our favourite runners how they combat […]

gifts we’re giving this year

Though we truly believe that there are no better presents than presence itself, it’s always fun to treat friends and family to gifts we know they’ll love. Here are some of the gifts our Digital Team is giving this year: 1. ezlinks.com If my dad could be anywhere, he’d be on a golf green so […]

under the hood | katie

It’s quite the coincidence that Katie, our lead accessories designer, loves kittens and loses her mittens.  It’s no coincidence that her line of work helps keep all things together on the go (she did design the Destined for Greatness Duffel, after all). On her way to and from yoga, the Scuba Hoodie keeps Katie as […]

under the hood | elim

There are few things cozier than sipping a cup of hot cocoa by an open fire. Our Scuba Hoodie is one of those things (without the sugar crash and need for a fire permit). In our new mini-series “Under the Hood” we catch up with some of our team members to ask why this classic […]

compression obsession: yay or nay?

From brightly coloured knee-highs to calf and arm sleeves, compression garments promise better muscle recovery and in some cases, better performance. We couldn’t help but wonder if the obsession with compression is truly game-changing or just a goofy style throwback to the days of Keds and tube socks. We asked two of our run ambassadors if they buy into the gear.

open for running

Above: Tiffany takes the Run: Flow Thru Dress for a spin! I have to be thoroughly honest with you. I’m not exactly what you would call a ‘hardcore’ runner. When it comes to my running program, the words snow, rain, cold, or anything else unpleasant simply do not have a place. Summer running is where […]