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tips from a goal coach

We’re all about turning our can’ts into cans and dreams into plans (ahem, goals).  We got Jenna, our superstar goal coach, to host a live goal-coaching session with our socialsphere. Missed the event? NBD. Here’s a recap and Jenna’s own recipe for creating a life you love. what would you do if you knew you […]

welcome to goal week!

what’s the goal of goal week? Goal-setting 101. Goal sharing. Goal coaching. Goosebumps. what to expect Each day we’ll be sharing goal-setting stories and tips to inspire and help you create meaningful goals that work for you. You’ll hear from both goal setters and coachers across our company. We’re going to give you the tools […]

setting goals, arts-and-crafts style

Create your own future. Put pen to paper and write down your goals! My favourite part of goal setting is envisioning my life in 10 years. After my first goal-coaching session, I sat down with my notes and wrote out a paragraph about what my life looked like in 10 years. WHOA! Right away, I […]

got goals?

We don’t take goals lightly at lululemon. Even though my skeptic soul tries to resist, when you set a goal and write it down on a piece of paper, you start working towards that very goal and you either achieve it or it leads you anew. When I first began working for lululemon a year […]