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how to write your 10 year vision

How many times have you heard someone say, “What the **** am I going to do with my life?” or “Is this the right path for me?” Not only is it a luxury of our time and circumstance to be overwhelmed with options and information, but searching outwardly for the answers has proven to most […]

goal-getter: dan wells

I used to roll my third eye whenever a CrossFitter would blather on about their WOD and proudly show off a new hand callus, still trickling with fresh blood. I didn’t get their seemingly inane quest to become stronger or appreciate their covert language of AMRAPS, EMOM, PRs… until I tried CrossFit for myself. Now, […]

beyond luon toronto | 2013

On June 18th at the Berkeley Church in Toronto, eight lululemon people shared how they are living a life they love beyond the luon walls. Leaving inspired, drunk on wonder and dwelling in serious possibility, Nicole Hudson shared her key takeaways from the event. I had seen the trailer, I had read some blog posts, […]

the journey behind a goal: jurgen

Jurgen after a muddy ride at Mt. Seymour Our web channel manager, Jurgen, set a goal three years ago to complete BC Bike Race, an arduous seven-day stage race from Victoria to Whistler. Little did he know, passion would drive him to crush his goal three years earlier then planned. Writing out my goals is […]

part 1: road tripping with parker

Parker is one of those sparkly people that instantly makes an impact when you meet her. After graduating from the University of North Carolina a few years ago (go Tar Heels!), Parker and her husband took life by the horns and moved from Raleigh to Vancouver, B.C. to pursue their careers AND live in a place completely […]

meet a goal setter: chloe gow-jarrett

adventures in goal-setting: how getting clear on your vision can change the direction of your life Chloe, our Vision & Goals Program Manager here at lululemon, first started working for the company in 2002 as a part-time educator at our Queen Street store in Toronto after hearing about the job from a friend. She was looking […]

the ambassador project

Chances are high you’ve seen Tess’ name around Twitter and our Facebook page, answering your product questions or handing out virtual high fives for recent goals crushed. As one of our incredibly social savvy team members – Tess spends her days pursuing the internet and chatting with some of the coolest people out there (like […]

vision & goals: why we love them and how to get started

what does “vision and goals” mean, anyway? how V&G came to be at lululemon As a former competitive athlete, Chip has always been a big believer in setting goals. Prior to creating lululemon in 1998, Chip became very interested in the practice of goal setting and creating a vision – how we as people define and […]

a 30-day challenge a month challenge

And here we thought one 30-day yoga challenge was just that, a challenge. Meet Danne, a Natick, MA educator and 30-day challenger extraordinaire. Seriously – Danne’s been completing a one-month challenge (or “Lent” as she calls it) every month for the last four years.  We couldn’t help but ask her to dish the deats on […]

going the distance: ultramarathons

People who run marathons are incredibly fit, incredibly inspiring and, well, simply incredible. People who run ultramarathons are all of the above with the  (and we mean this is the best way possible) addition of incredibly crazy. We asked ultramarathoner and SoHo store ambassador, Tom Cripps, a few questions about going the distance. an interview […]