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day 7: love your failures

Didn’t make your run goal? Read on to find out why you should celebrate that. It’s the last day of Goal Week on lululemon. To end the week, we wanted to remind you that failing is part of the process. Here’s Matt with more on why you should embrace your failures. when failing is fun […]

goal achieved: labour day triathlon!

How did you spend your Labour day? Eric and Natasha from our Community team started their day off at 7:45am with a 750m swim at Second Beach — all in the name of goal setting! Triathloners taking on the ocean at Second Beach! Earlier in the year, Eric set a goal to participate in his […]

what’s your yoga goal?

During yoga class, are you secretly hoping that it’ll be the day when you magically float into handstand or sidecrow for the first time? It’s not that this is unrealistic, but if you haven’t done the work leading up to achieving a big goal, it’s much less likely that you will achieve it. Our ambassador […]

day 2: what is a goal?

why goal set? There is a way to write your goals so they are powerful and meaningful. Goals set an intention and are not a one-time deal but an exercise for living every day. Goal setting: provides focus creates your life helps you discover your personal path teaches you where you are taking personal responsibility […]

welcome to goal week!

what’s the goal of goal week? Goal-setting 101. Goal sharing. Goal coaching. Goosebumps. what to expect Each day we’ll be sharing goal-setting stories and tips to inspire and help you create meaningful goals that work for you. You’ll hear from both goal setters and coachers across our company. We’re going to give you the tools […]