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pants? crops? shorts?

Last week there was a question buzzing around the Digital team: what do you love to work out in: pants, crops or shorts? We spun it to our friends on Facebook and got a tidal wave of feedback.

yoga pants: why we love the gusset!

Wait, what’s a gusset? A gusset is a diamond shaped patch of material that helps you move in and out of Warrior II and Triangle Pose with freedom. Most pants are made with two seams (front to back and from one leg to the other) that intersect right in the crotch area. We’ve replaced that uncomfortable and unsightly crotch seam with a gusset to increase mobility and comfort in all of your workouts.

ode to the gusset!

Let us introduce you to our cool feature… the gusset! Ahhh, the gusset. What, you may ask, is a gusset? Well, it’s a magical patch of material made to help you leap, lunge, squat and move with more freedom. You may not realize the comfort and coddling that the gusset provides until you experience it […]