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run vancouver

At last weekend’s BMO Vancouver Marathon, over 15,000 runners laced up and took on Vancouver, from the seawall to Stanley Park. Personal bests were crushed, new goals were set and at least a hundred new cowbells were broken in. cheer station* stats** # of people: 203 % cheer-induced sore throats the next day: 98 # […]

top 5 cool runs

With marathon season in full swing, we wanted to take a step back from all the serious personal-best chat and up the ante in true lululemon fashion. Here is what we would consider some of the world’s most enticing runs, that is, those that focus on the fun factor first.

bmo marathon cheer squad

26 miles of pavement pounding can be a daunting prospect, so when our friends set their minds to completing Vancouver’s recent BMO marathon we were determined to support them. “When someone’s cheering you on and telling you, ‘you can do it,’ it shuts up the little voice inside your head that’s telling you otherwise.” says Matt Corker. As runners approached our cheered squad it was great to see heads come up and smiles come out.

it runs in the family

Sometimes you just have to trust that mother knows best. That trust may be hard to find when she wakes you up at the crack of dawn to go running. Since she began running seriously two years ago, Jordan Gardner- the daughter of our uber-fit VP of Global Brand, Deanne – has come to appreciate her mom’s early morning ritual. (Apparently Grandma has something to do with it too.)

fine desert wine (that’s not a typo)

We’re celebrating the return of colour this summer and what better way to celebrate the arrival of Grapeseed than with a bottle or three of vino. It could just be the wine talking but we think it’s a pretty sassy shade. Grapeseed, a colour and so much more. I grew up in Oliver, a little town in the South Okanagan. It’s the “Wine Capital of Canada” and its semi-arid climate produces some of the most incredible wines around. Wine is a part of who I am. My mum has been in the industry for years…

run away: destination marathons

  Looking to run a marathon in 2011? Whether it’s your first one or your fourteenth, check out some of our favourites. We believe in travelling, so why not pick a destination race this year? (Rome, perhaps? Talk about a delicious pre-race carb load.) the races we’d love to run Head for the sun Who needs an excuse […]

road to the half marathon: race day is here!

This past week I have had the amazing pleasure of hanging out and working out with an amazing group of our ambassadors at the Ambassador Summit. I could not have imagined a better way to spend the week before race day.

why we run

Our company is filled with runners from all shapes, sizes, and varying levels from social joggers to iron men and women. We asked some of them one simple question, why do you run? Here is what they said:

road to the half marathon: week 9

My intention for this past week: recommit to my yoga practice and nurture my aching bones. At the end of last week’s training, my bones were really achy and feeling the lack of yoga in my life. I have been so focused on hitting all of my training dates that the way my body felt […]

road to the half marathon: training week 8

With 4 weeks to go until race day, it’s all downhill from here, literally! This week I took a recommendation from one of our ambassadors to incorporate hills into my short runs and see how my long run felt from there. Let’s be honest, running uphill is probably my least favourite activity on the planet. It burns and it feels like I am moving at a glacial pace. Achy arthritic toes and all, I mapped out “hilly” runs on the Daily Mile, and loaded a fresh playlist to conquer these “helpful” peaks throughout my week and did just that.