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meet our st. louis showroom manager

  Meet Shannon, our amazing St. Louis Showroom Manager! What is your role at lululemon? Community Creator (a.k.a St. Louis Showroom Manager) What is the difference between a showroom and a store? A showroom is a “cozier” version of a lululemon store; small and intimate, and more boutique-like… it’s like stopping by a friend’s home […]

put your goals out there.

Above: Alex in her new pair of perfectly fitting Groove Pants.  I recently had a guest experience that has impacted me on so many levels that I had to share it. A young woman named Alex and her little sister were in the changing room having the little sister’s pants hemmed. Alex was trying on […]

what do you eat before yoga?

What should you eat before yoga? SHOULD you eat anything before yoga?

life lessons from my dad

1. You can always do another chin up if you set your mind to it. 2. Being aware in the moment will keep you safe. 3. Be passionate in life, food, health and love. 4. Treat travelers to your city like long-lost friends because they will quickly become friends and you will then have new […]

a balancing act

Put your life on paper and find out what makes you happy.

flows, yoga poses and farewells

The first experience I had with Ashtanga yoga was two years ago in a studio just north of Toronto. Every Tuesday & Thursday evening, a popular instructor from the city taught beginner and intermediate level classes to a growing community. For ninety minutes, I was in a room with thirty-nine other deep breathing yogis, immersed […]