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is your head in the game?

Do you have your Hockey Helmet ready for this huddle? Red nation domination. Coach Jenna is plotting her next move. Warm ears and warm hearts. Are you ready for a rematch? Get your head in the game. and stand tall. Game on. Which nation will you join? Hockey Helmets for the big game available in […]

rockin’ robson

Did somebody say “yoga circle”? Sporting the totally awesome Canadian Hockey Helmets! You’ve just arrived in Vancouver, and the next thing you know, your new Canadian buddies have got you hooked on what has to be our city’s number one pastime – yoga. Suddenly, you find yourself in desperate need of a yoga mat. Where […]

wunder under challenge: day 12

It all started with a tweet from my coworker, Shawna: Day 3 of Hockey Helmut Challenge! Miss Elim I see your Wunder Under Challenge & raise you fleece love in the form of a helmet challenge! Do you know what is crazier than the Wunder Under Challenge? Wearing the Hockey Helmut EVERY DAY for a […]