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zite puts inspiration at our fingertips

We’re constantly searching online for different blogs and articles to help inspire and motivate us. All that information can be overwhelming and sometimes surfing the net for ultra-marathon training tips can take longer than actually running the ultra-marathon. We wanted a way to track down all that information (from challenging workouts to new recipes) without […]

the little tear-out tag that could

Did you know that one of the most amazing details on a brand new lululemon garment is a thin strip of ribbon located (usually) at the base of the neck? Get out your magnifying glasses and check out what you’ve been missing! The reversed side of the tag is in French. For our American friends, […]

what’s up at the GEC

“Thank you for calling lululemon! It’s Elissa speaking.” Curious about what goes on behind the scenes at the Guest Education Centre? I’m going to tell you – a lot. More than you’d expect. Today there was even a piñata. Intriguing? Read on… Over the course of any given day, we wear a lot of hats. […]