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overheard in yoga: gratitude

We overheard this little ditty in a yoga class a few weeks back. It gave us something to think about and we thought you might like it too. That’s all!

holiday stuff(ing) – week two

1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 1. all the fixings for a holiday partyHost a Pinterest-worthy party with these ‘all-in-one’ holiday décor packages. You’ll fool even your most “Martha-y” friends with your ‘craftiness’. 2. your new favourite holiday albumWhen it comes to holiday music, we take things seriously…from Bing and Mariah to […]

mary beth larue: how did i get here?

Throughout the next few months, we’ll be sharing stories from our ambassadors on things they’ve experienced that helped contribute to who and where they are today. Mary Beth Larue is a Vinyasa yoga teacher and ambassador at our Santa Monica store. She began practicing yoga to find relief from sitting at a desk for her day […]

meditation for your yoga rut

what’s a yoga rut? It’s happened to me and it’s likely happened to you before, too: the yoga rut. What is a yoga rut, you ask? It looks like this: your friend asks you to a class and you have to think twice. Your favourite yoga pose is boring you. You’re frustrated that after x […]

screenspiration: run mantra wallpaper

finding inspiration in all the right places

finding inspiration in all the right places (aka twitter) I have a confession.  While I enjoy quotes, lyrics and inspirational messaging very much, I like to come across them by accident. Call me quixotic but I like inspirational material to make an immediate and surprisingly profound impact in the moment. This is why I love […]

sweet sweaty moments

Got a favourite sweaty moment? Add to the list!

zite puts inspiration at our fingertips

We’re constantly searching online for different blogs and articles to help inspire and motivate us. All that information can be overwhelming and sometimes surfing the net for ultra-marathon training tips can take longer than actually running the ultra-marathon. We wanted a way to track down all that information (from challenging workouts to new recipes) without […]

our just-because love list

We don’t think we need any reason to share the things we love. Here’s what’s been making us think, act, create and laugh this month. From their blog to this stunning book, we’re soaking up everything Design Sponge has to offer.   How many Downward Dogs ‘til we can yoga-breakdance like Alex Yde?   Whisker […]

breaking new ground

What is amazing to me is that everyone has their own reason for coming to their mat and that the same series of postures can mean so many different things, and present so many different challenges, to so many different people. While talking with 4 local yogis, I took the opportunity to ask them what initially brought them to their mats and how they continue to push themselves to break new ground.