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munich & paris, if you please

We adore our designers. The team recently left the office behind and “worked” in Europe for a week. (Tragic, right?) We asked Katie, our accessories designer, if we could tag along. (She mentioned luon and a faux-fur vest in the same sentence. Ooh la la.)

re-ignite your goals

How are you feeling about your goals now that the New Year’s hype is behind you? Maybe that January 1st gusto has dwindled a bit. Sometimes it helps to see what other people are up to. We spied on some goals around the office to spark our inspiration. We got chills. Hopefully you do too.

accessories & lagerfield: katie’s love list

My name is Katie, and I’m the lead designer for accessories at lululemon. It’s my mission in life to transform lives, one bag at a time. This is my love list. Websites: My Saturday mornings are consumed by the following: refinery29.com (sign up for their email blasts…highly addictive) advancedstyle.blogspot.com (think the sartorialist, but with old […]

accessorize your monday!

meet us on monday Last Monday we met Jurgen from recruiting. Today, start off your week by meeting Katie from our accessories design team. what is something unique or surprising about you? I have a twin brother. He’s massive – think ‘Shrek’-like proportions. Not sure how we survived a womb together, but that might explain why […]