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it’s a soulcal celebration

From endless sunshine to palm trees to movie magic, there is a lot about Southern California that gives it its soul. The real heart of SoCal however are the people and we want to celebrate you in a big way! Los Angeles is known for its fabulous parties and we’re throwing our own. Think: fewer […]

yoga at 30,000 feet

When Beverly Hills ambassador Andrea Marcum arrived in Bali after 22 hours of flying, she found herself feeling swollen, with ankles like an elephant. Knowing there had to be a better way, she made use of her yoga wisdom to create a journey with more bending and less bloating.

(re)treat yourself: yoga retreats

Here in Vancouver, we’re in the middle of the annual long-weekend drought. We decided to see it as an opportunity to create our own mini-vacations, whether close to home or abroad. The same spirit that brought you “Happy Place Friday” is bringing you “(Re)treat Yourself,” a bevy of yoga retreats. Consider booking some vacation time soon. The long […]

lesia’s love list

My name is Lesia (say it ‘Lasha’) and I’m the email specialist here at the lululemon Store Support Centre. I’m from Toronto, ON originally and have lived in London, UK, Santa Monica CA and now call Vancouver BC my home. I have 4 younger sisters, 1 daughter, and I’m married to a cool dude who […]

meet our san diego showroom manager!

Meet Sarah, the lovely Showroom Manager in San Diego! What is your role at lululemon? I am a Showroom Manager in beautiful downtown San Diego. Tell us about your community: Downtown is the cultural center of San Diego. We have a really great mix of athletes, young professionals, people in the military, students and tourists. […]

when you have no destination

Above is Foujan sharing her current BHAG – to become proficient in HTML by December 2009. See her discovery and where she ended up! If you have no destination, you’ll likely end up someplace else. It’s been almost a year now, and when I look back on the person I was then, and the person […]