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allessia’s love list

We’re all about shorts this week and we couldn’t help but take advantage of the opportunity to expose our (unofficially but we’re pretty certain) shortest employee. Meet Allessia (that’s a-less-e-ah) who is none other than our blog editor (aka the voice behind the bold italics on each post…like this). The only thing she finds more […]

our just-because love list

We don’t think we need any reason to share the things we love. Here’s what’s been making us think, act, create and laugh this month. From their blog to this stunning book, we’re soaking up everything Design Sponge has to offer.   How many Downward Dogs ‘til we can yoga-breakdance like Alex Yde?   Whisker […]

seeing tango red

Say it with us: rouge. If you’ve been around the lululemon block, you know we don’t do red often. It’s a special thing – and we consider the return of colour a very special thing. Now that we’re coming back to colour, what could be hotter than Tango Red? Nothing, as far as we’re concerned.

amanda’s love list

Meet Amanda, who joined lululemon last December as an educator with the goal of becoming East Coast Regional Community Guru (which happened in May!). Here are things Amanda loves: Yoga move: Wheel because it turns the whole world upside down. A change in perspective every once in a while is a must. Place to run: […]

accessories & lagerfield: katie’s love list

My name is Katie, and I’m the lead designer for accessories at lululemon. It’s my mission in life to transform lives, one bag at a time. This is my love list. Websites: My Saturday mornings are consumed by the following: refinery29.com (sign up for their email blasts…highly addictive) advancedstyle.blogspot.com (think the sartorialist, but with old […]

chip’s love list

Meet Chip Wilson: husband, dad, and founder of lululemon! We asked him to share a few of the things he loves with you. Here are his answers: Magazine: Nylon Book: Catch 22 lululemon shirt: 5 Year T Way to sweat: The Grouse Grind! Website: Ted.com Tech gadget: BlackBerry / Kindle Way to spend a Sunday […]

jessica’s love list

I joined lululemon last December to open the Sarasota Showroom this past April and I’ve recently moved to Miami. I have been a certified yoga instructor for the past 4.5 years in addition to having a background in merchandising and commercial interior design. Here are some of the things I love! Yoga move: Marichyasana I; […]

lesia’s love list

My name is Lesia (say it ‘Lasha’) and I’m the email specialist here at the lululemon Store Support Centre. I’m from Toronto, ON originally and have lived in London, UK, Santa Monica CA and now call Vancouver BC my home. I have 4 younger sisters, 1 daughter, and I’m married to a cool dude who […]