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lululemon is… chip wilson

In the beginning, there was Chip. You may have heard that he’s the man behind the manifesto, the one who got this crazy luon business off the ground. You may not have heard that he does a mean…um, what do you call that dance move, Chip?

lululemon is… christine day

If Christine wasn’t our CEO, there’s a small chance that she’d be carrying on in the footsteps of Jacques Cousteau. As captain of the SS lululemon, she is big on people bringing all of themselves to work – talents, vulnerabilities, happy dances – the works.

lululemon is… elise riddall

We love people at lululemon. Why do we love Elise? She knows balance is a choice. She speaks as candidly about her breakdown (and breakthrough) as she does about the puppy dog calendar she gave Andy, her first love. That’s pretty balanced too, if you ask us.