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wanderlust vermont 2013

Meet Elizabeth Crisci, an ambassador at our Westport, CT store and our Wanderlust Vermont host. She’ll be sharing her story across our channels and live tweeting at @lululemonlive. The coolest part of Wanderlust and yoga in general – the journey. You show up at the studio, at a big white tent, on the top of […]

our dads and why we love them

If you’ve been to the lululemon homepage this week, then you’ve seen some great dads and their style. These great men were found inside our lululemon family and we’re going to uncover the mystery of the story behind the pictures. Competition for “world’s best dad” is stiff as they each tell us why their dads […]

irun from toronto to vancouver

Nicole, an educator from our Briar Hill store in Toronto and the team in Briar Hill have a goal of running from Toronto to Vancouver (sort of) and they’re looking for some help clocking those kms. Here’s what’s going on. — I’ll admit it: I’m not a runner. I blame it on the fact that […]

wanderlust is waiting

Yoga on top of a mountain (NBD), at Wanderlust Whistler 2012. Last August, I had a conversation with someone who was nervous about attending her first-ever Wanderlust – the yoga and music festival that has four North American stops in summer 2013. “I don’t think I’m advanced enough to go,” she said. “Doing that much […]

in focus: michael schaer

The BMC Race Team took on the Amgen Tour of California beginning May 12 and Michael Schaer captured the whole thing. See what it’s like to be a member of the BMC Race Team. —— We had a nice welcome party in La Jolla from the lululemon team. We really enjoyed the evening before the […]

if the yoga is working

Ella, a writer on our creative team, caught up with global yogi Chris Chavez at his home in Istanbul, Turkey, to ask him more about a phrase he shared during a recent community class in Vancouver which inspired our team and turned into a Yoga Journal ad. When our graphic designer Steph and I attended […]

vision & goals: why we love them and how to get started

what does “vision and goals” mean, anyway? how V&G came to be at lululemon As a former competitive athlete, Chip has always been a big believer in setting goals. Prior to creating lululemon in 1998, Chip became very interested in the practice of goal setting and creating a vision – how we as people define and […]

goosebump city

The goosebumps started at the Boston Marathon expo on the weekend before the race. Never, never give up. Our Detroit ambassador, Sue (on the left), ran the marathon with her aunt Sue, who finished chemo 4 weeks ago. Canadian Josh Cassidy near the top of the hill, before finishing to break the world record in […]

meet the specialized-lululemon team

The minute we mixed all-star athletes and badass bikes we were bound to develop a schoolgirl crush (sweat is the way to our heart, after all). We are beyond stoked to support the Specialized-lululemon cycling team so we jumped at the first chance to spend a little one-on-one time with them. We headed down to […]

meet the new lululemon.com

Meet the new lululemon.com. To get to know her a little better we asked her a few questions (as we do with all new hires). where did you grow up? I grew up on the mean streets of Kitsilano, Vancouver BC. We didn’t even have broadband back then. If we were lucky we had dial-up […]