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wunder under challenge: day 22 with my pants

TGIF everyone! What are your sweat challenge activities this weekend? My lululemon pieces today: -Wunder Under Crop -Cool Racerback -OM Stainless bottle

wunder under challenge: day 21

There was quite a bit of conversation in our stores and on our facebook page about the new All Out Tank and I had to see what the fuss is all about. It certainly is a new style that we’ve never done before. There is a shelf bra built into the tank but the feature […]

wunder under challenge: day 19

12 MORE DAYS! I think it’s time for a new tank for yoga/run. What are your favorite styles and why? My lululemon pieces today: -Wunder Under Crop -Cool Racerback (layered underneath) -RUN: Swiftly Tech SS

wunder under challenge: day 18

My boyfriend made a yoga starter kit for his mom’s birthday this month. He gave her the Stretch N’Go Strap with an Align Ultra Mat and I got to show her how to use it. After I had strapped her new mat into it, I thought to myself “so…why don’t I have this?”. I had […]

wunder under challenge: day 17

I was in stealth mode at the gym today. Ninja black to fly under the radar…though you never really can when you wear lululemon. lululemon pieces today: -Flow Y Bra -Cool Racerback -Wunder Under Pant -Satin Pirouette Headband

wunder under challenge: day 16

Today I am going to try running outside for the first time in MONTHS. Wish me luck!! My lululemon pieces: -Wunder Under Crop -Cool Racerback -A running jacket so old I cannot remember the name of, but you can try this season’s RUN: Leader of the Track Jacket or RUN:Track N Field Jacket

wunder under challenge: day 15 with my pants

I got the official email from Vancouver Sun Run today and I am excited! This year will be my 4th year completing this 10km race. Last year I completed it in 1hr 12 min and my goal this year is….ONE HOUR! If there is a race happening in your city, I highly recommend that you […]

top 10 reasons we heart hidden pockets

We know what the ‘F’ we’re talking about: fitness and fashion! Let me introduce you to function: the secret pocket. This multifunctional feature is more than meets the eye. In your secret pocket, you can store: 1. $5 for that post-workout soy latte 2. Your house key (which is no longer tied to your shoelace […]

wunder under challenge: day 14

Day 14 learning: I have a LOT of clothes. Sure, I may not have that many lululemon pieces on rotation but I do have a lot of pieces to change up how I look on the street before I hit the yoga studio or gym. For example, this sweater has been in my closet for […]

wunder under challenge: day 13

Wow, has it been a wet couple of days in Vancouver! As you can already see from the photo, I am wearing Wunder Under’s and…*gasp* shorts. Today I am going to a hot yoga class with a bunch of my co-workers (and our very special visitor Whitney, more about her in a bit!) and after […]