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revolution week five

We’re nearing the end of our 40-day adventure and this week’s summary comes to you from Amanda, our Area Community Manager in New York who (in her words) “totally bombed” the challenge – and realized that was perfect. meet amanda name and role: Amanda Casgar, Area Community Manager current hometown: New York City random fact: […]

holiday stuff(ing) – week five

1. leave cookies out for Santa.Santa called. He wants his good old-fashioned chocolate chip cookies back (with gluten). 2. give yourself a breakT-minus 4 days to go. The crazy is almost behind you. Take a mini meditation break to recharge or hit up your favourite yoga class. You deserve a little me-time and you’ll feel […]

meditation for possibility

Whatever you’re doing, whoever you are, and wherever you are in the world, the last meditation in our series with Baron Baptiste was made for you. When’s the last time you dropped everything to remind yourself that you can do anything? Do it now. Take two minutes to listen to this Meditation for Possibility. If […]

meditation for email overload

Email apnea: Holding one’s breath unconsciously while reading an email. (source) I first learned this term at last year’s San Francisco Yoga Journal Conference during a talk called Digital Distractions and Your Practice. The fact is, many of us hold or shorten our breath when opening our inbox, while responding to emails, or while working […]

catching up with gina

In a city that never sleeps, Springfield Avenue store ambassador, Gina Pachkowski, is an expert at finding stillness in the hustle and bustle. Check out our video and read below to find out more about this meditating yogi. This blanket was made in India from Sarees and is just super cool!. This Buddha sits comfortably […]

meditation for your yoga rut

what’s a yoga rut? It’s happened to me and it’s likely happened to you before, too: the yoga rut. What is a yoga rut, you ask? It looks like this: your friend asks you to a class and you have to think twice. Your favourite yoga pose is boring you. You’re frustrated that after x […]

how to train your brain

The week before your marathon is here and you’ve been training your body for months. But what about your brain? Chicago educator Gina asked our ambassador Lizzi Edwards for three things you can do that’ll help you get your head in the race, too. My eyes are closed but my mind races. I am seeing […]

meditation moment

This meditation moment was brought to you by SeaWheeze – incorporate it into your training routine for balance, centeredness and relaxation or into your life just because.

yoga in a digital world

We’re all about honouring our yoga practice but our inner geek is quick to adapt the latest and greatest technologies too. From great yoga apps to cellphones going off during class, Alana shares her Yoga Journal Conference learnings on managing our digital and yoga lives. yoga and our digital world After three days of wild […]

yoga nidra: the mind is always listening

Coworker and yoga teacher, Jen, had me at Savasana. With a pillow and blanket in tow, I headed to the studio to attend my first Yoga Nidra class. Not really sure what to expect, I knew that at the very least I wasn’t about to turn down an extra hour of sleep early on a Friday morning.