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meditation in the modern world

The classic meditation image of a sage sitting on top of a mountain, in lotus position, needs a little updating. In today’s social-media, multi-tasking, smart-phone world, few of us feel we have the time to meditate, let alone climb a mountain. If the word mediation scares you, rename it ‘mindfulness’.

finding inner space: meditation & yoga

Our ambassador Ingrid Yang, describes how we can use yoga to be ourselves and heal ourselves.

gentle yoga for cancer recovery

you asked My mom is very spiritual and loved yoga. This year she was diagnosed with colon cancer and had to undergo emergency surgery. She currently has a colostomy bag attached to her, and always complains how she would like to do gentle meditation and yoga, but can’t twist or do many of the poses. […]

yoga poses to open your heart

This past week we’ve celebrated the love of our bodies and have truly found that loving your body comes from within. Yoga is a wonderful, honest and humble way to show your inner self some love. We’ve asked one our of ambassadors, January Newland, to show us a few practices that will help open us up […]

why do we lie on the right side in yoga?

you asked Why does my yoga instructor always have us lie on our right side before coming up from the final relaxation pose?- Rachel (@racheljoon) two yogis answer Ted’s answer: You lie on your right side for 2 reasons. 1.Your heart is on your left side. When you roll to your right, your heart is […]