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kahuna and cadence shorts: a comparison

A lot of men and their wives have recently been asking about the difference between our classic Kahuna Shorts, and our new Cadence Shorts. To that we’ve decided to put together a few points on each short so that you can decide if you or your man is a Kahuna or a Cadence Dude.

lululemon for men: boys will be boys

A few things I have learned from my husband Alex… and our good friend Jacob. Football is sacred. Playing catch is therapeutic. Any time is good time to talk and argue about it. They always have to prove who is better on the field… and off the field… They always want to be comfortable (the […]

men’s run shorts – a comparison

Looking for an all-sport short that functions for running, gyming, hot-yogaing and strength training? Okay, guys. We get it. More than two options between shorts and you’re ready to ditch the drama. Here’s a break-down of the RUN:Response Short, Reflex Short and Interval Short into standards you can handle with need-to-know fit and function features. Pop […]