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sweet sweaty moments

Got a favourite sweaty moment? Add to the list!

think dan pink

Today we say hello to Citron and Pink Mist! It’s no secret that we love pink around here but you may not know about our other love – this Pink. If you haven’t checked out any of Dan Pink’s work, we strongly suggest you do. His books, his blog – everything the man touches seems to turn to gold – pink gold.

re-ignite your goals

How are you feeling about your goals now that the New Year’s hype is behind you? Maybe that January 1st gusto has dwindled a bit. Sometimes it helps to see what other people are up to. We spied on some goals around the office to spark our inspiration. We got chills. Hopefully you do too.

june workout playlist!

Summer is finally here – do you need some new bright & shiny tunes to match the sunny weather? Well look no further – here are 13 tracks infused with virtual Vitamin D for your ears. HOME – EDWARD SHARPE AND THE MAGNETIC ZEROS Start your morning with some yoga on your patio and play this in the […]

ask a runner: how to stay motivated

you asked How do you stay motivated to run? I can run on a consistent basis for about 2 weeks and then it seems like “life” gets in the way and I don’t have the time. – Kelly What is your best advice for keeping up my motivation for running? It seems like I am […]

run for one planet

Meet Matt and Steph from Run For One Planet and ambassadors from our West 4th store. Matt shares their journey of running across North America below! who are you guys? We are Matt Hill and Stephanie Tait, runners who asked ourselves, “how could we give back to something much larger than us—our planet?” I, Matt, […]

fall down nine times, get up ten

I fell while running one time. I’m not a person who falls very often, even when negotiating icy sidewalks, but I fell in spite of the fact that spring had melted away all of the ice, leaving just the crumbly gravel and asphalt.

push your mind, stretch your body

lululemon is best in the world at making technical athletic products to play hard and sweat harder in. Something small that motivates me  within lululemon’s product to run a little farther, stretch a little longer and just smile when I am hitting the gym is the hidden messages within the clothing. It’s something small, but […]

‘should’-free diet: you deserve it!

Why you deserve to take the word ‘should’ out of your vocabulary.

finding motivation to run

Janice shares what motivates her to get up in the morning and run.