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yoga. music. wanderlust. whistler!

What are you doing on August 23-26, 2012? The first-ever Wanderlust Festival in Canada is taking place in Whistler, BC, and we couldn’t be more stoked to be hosting this huge yoga and music experience in our own backyard. what is wanderlust? Yoga. Music. Dancing. Mountains. Put all those together and add amazing yoga instructors, […]

uber-festive holiday playlist

Are you frantically trying to get your house together for a holiday party before your friends arrive in an hour? We get it. Three weeks ago, you serenely sent invites to all of your nearest and dearest for a cozy night of merriment and cheer. Now, the night is here and you’re frazzled, running around […]

we smell a cross-border dance sesh!

No matter your age, there is nothing more rad than a Friday night with your girlfriends dancing your brains out (although as we get older, the refreshments served start tasting a little funnier). Come to think of it, we’ve spent so much time singing into our hairbrushes over the years that it seems weird they […]

ear warming fall playlist

Fall is such a deliciously complicated season. Crisp air, back-to-school memories and leaf-covered streets are a constant reminder of the cycle of life. To complement these visceral feelings, nostalgia for summer magic fills our hearts with bittersweet memories and gratitude. Consequently, taking quiet moments to renew our yoga practice and set our intentions never feels more ‘right’ than in autumn.

running: with or without music?

For GEC educator Laura, motivation comes in listening to her body being pushed beyond its limits. For her colleague Tess, nothing takes her beyond mile 22 like the sound of a solid beat that’s about to drop.

comfort-zone-busting run playlist

If you’re anything like me, you get bored of the same workouts. From week to week, my favorite ways to sweat include yoga, spin, bar classes, running, swimming, dancing, and methods not appropriate for a public blog (hi Mom!). If a friend approaches me with a new wacky workout, I get excited to break up the monotony of my routine with something designed to shake me out of my comfort zone.

day 3: when the going gets tough

Day 3 of the Wanderlust Festival (only one more day left!) brings spontaneous acts of yoga, the Rolling Stones, and the question: when the going gets tough, do you stick it out or peace out?

sasquatch and summer music

Sometimes a vacation is just a few hours away. We recently took a road trip to the Gorge in Quincy, Washington for the 2011 Sasquatch Music Festival. We found it amazing to find such an event close to home that we could fit into our busy schedule. The Gorge was the most unbelievable backdrop for us to relax on the hill, and catch some of our latest favourite bands.

summer camping essentials and playlist

The air is fragrant with flowers, cruiser bike gangs are converging on every corner and weekend missions are being planned with the passion & precision of a NASA launch. One activity that’s synonymous with the season is the group camping trip. No matter your style of camping, from a relaxing journey into nature (with canoes, hikes and tents) to a full-on party (complete with BBQs, high-fives and cannonball competitions), there are essential components to take your voyage from lame to ‘best weekend of my LIFE!” status.

living in the moment: coachella

If you are reading this in the back seat of a car while en route to Palm Springs for the Coachella Music Festival, congratulations! You have made a fantastic life decision. Our resident music maven couldn’t agree more. Inspired by Coachella, Alexis offered to share her sage advice on the subject of summer concerts. We happily obliged (and took feverish notes).