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how jen took on the new york marathon

Our PR Manager Jen is back from New York to share her experience at the NY Marathon. Grab your weekend coffee and read about her adventure. If you missed her first entry, read this first! In my pre-race blog last week, I said that you learn a lot about yourself when you train for a […]

my goal: the new york marathon

Every runner is running for a purpose: to get in shape, to stay in shape, to lose weight, to compete, to spend time on their own or to spend time with other like minded people — the list goes on and on! Personally, I fall into many of these categories. Hi! I’m Caity, a Key […]

day in the life at lululemon lincoln square

This guest post was co-written by Becky and Tricia, a dynamic duo in NYC! Becky (aka Becks) is the store manager at lululemon Lincoln Square, and Trish is the assistant manager. 7:30 a.m.: We start our day by grabbing a cup of coffee and then walk to the Lincoln Square store to begin to roll […]