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lots of love for Aphrodite’s Café

Jamieson is on our social media and online community team, a registered holistic nutritionist and a passionate runner. As well, she’s a local improv comedian, which is super cool. Vegans of the world, I’ve got eight words for you: roasted eggplant and heirloom tomatoes with nasturtium pesto, which is just one of the tasty delights […]

guide to lululemon product lingo

Confused by those special little abbreviations on our hangtags?  Want to learn to educate like the pros in our stores? Say hello to our crash course on lululemon product lingo. We use abbreviations in our product names and on our hangtags to tell you what kind of technology makes each garment special. Consider this your […]

find a co-op, go organic

What is an organic food co-op and why would you go to one?