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ruby’s tuesday | sign of a good sweat

Whether it’s interviewing Lady Gaga, unveiling the latest trends in fashion, or getting under the skin of our most neurotic social trends, Ruby Warrington is the writer at the forefront of it all. Ruby is a British lifestyle writer and the celebrated creator of the blog The Numinous. Best of all, Ruby will be our […]

goal-getter: dan wells

I used to roll my third eye whenever a CrossFitter would blather on about their WOD and proudly show off a new hand callus, still trickling with fresh blood. I didn’t get their seemingly inane quest to become stronger or appreciate their covert language of AMRAPS, EMOM, PRs… until I tried CrossFit for myself. Now, […]

the journey behind a goal: jurgen

Jurgen after a muddy ride at Mt. Seymour Our web channel manager, Jurgen, set a goal three years ago to complete BC Bike Race, an arduous seven-day stage race from Victoria to Whistler. Little did he know, passion would drive him to crush his goal three years earlier then planned. Writing out my goals is […]

BHAG alert: 365 days of sweat

If you were to look up the words “inspiration” and “possibility” in the dictionary we’re quite certain you’d find our former educator, Betsy’s, name listed in their descriptions (hey Oxford, we’re proposing a rewrite). Not only did she find the courage to leave an unfulfilling career in HR to follow her dreams of being a […]

trainer tip: how to burpee

Was that a groan we just heard? In an effort to transform our relationship with burpees from fearful to fun, we asked one of our favourite trainers and Logan Circle ambassador, Errick McAdams, to break down the drill for us. We’ll know we’ve mastered it when we have a smile as big as Errick’s when […]