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bryant park yoga with halle becker

Halle Becker wants to live for ever. Our NYC ambassador certainly has more than one lifetime’s energy in her. She shares her thoughts with us on why she loves practicing yoga with hundreds of people at a time in Bryant Park, where she gets her energy from and why she wants to live forever.

meet Jon, designer-dad

We didn’t feel we could introduce you to some of Jon’s favourite things without introducing you to Jon. We’ve edited down the biography of this surfer/designer/dad to these 11 answers.

katie and the broken pencil

Our designers are like a hive of busy little creative bees, always buzzing around thinking of ways to make our lives and work outs easier. Unlike real bees, our designers also like to stop and have fun. This black and white striped bee is our accessories designer Katie with her grapeseed Retro Groove Bag.

fall down nine times, get up ten

I fell while running one time. I’m not a person who falls very often, even when negotiating icy sidewalks, but I fell in spite of the fact that spring had melted away all of the ice, leaving just the crumbly gravel and asphalt.

it’s fresh face friday!

As our newest Information Centre Analyst, it goes without saying that Russell is full of technical wizardry and know-how. But it’s his love of heart-pumping athletic challenges, animals, and gadgets that truly make Russell tick. Ready for exploration! what is your proudest achievement? I focus on setting goals for my life that challenge me, and […]