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reliving SeaWheeze 2013

We came, we ran, we SeaWheezed. Check out some of the best moments from SeaWheeze 2013! We can’t wait to see you again in 2014. get downdog on Ryan Leier’s sunset festival playlist “Shamanic Chant No 5″ – Sacred Spirit “The Eagle and the Hawk” – John Denver” “Three Little Birds” – Bob Marley & […]

back to the basics playlist

        Yup, it’s January. After the mayhem of the holiday season, a sense of calm has taken back over. The air is clear and fresh, intentions have been made and goals set. All that’s left is to get up and GO. We made this playlist to keep things simple and also motivate […]

run into fall playlist

Fall is a time of both nostalgia and renewal. It’s also a time of many marathons – and with these two themes on the horizon we thought the time was right for a fresh playlist, yes? We’re clearly not the only ones reflecting because the new music out right now is something of a mid-2000’s […]

13.1 songs for 13.1 miles

With just two weeks left to the SeaWheeze and our hardest training run out of the way (congrats btw), it’s time to focus on the fun stuff… like getting together the ultimate race playlist. Here’s a list of 13.1 “take-my-aching-body-over-the-finish-line” songs curated by the folks who know running best, you guys! 13.1 songs for 13.1 […]

canada day playlist

Like any kid growing up, the music my parents played had a profound effect on me. My mom was (and is) a huge lover of jazz, the British Invasion and Motown. My father’s taste, however, isn’t defined so much about genre as it is by location. Dad grew up in Manitoba and is, in my […]

coachella playlist 2012

Last year, Alexis advised people heading to Coachella on the plateaus and pitfalls of getting awesome in the music festival circuit. She wrote her entry from a wistful yet wise point-of-view, dispensing such sage advice as “your sunglasses will be in every photo – if they are the weak link in your bag, fix it” […]

uber-festive holiday playlist

Are you frantically trying to get your house together for a holiday party before your friends arrive in an hour? We get it. Three weeks ago, you serenely sent invites to all of your nearest and dearest for a cozy night of merriment and cheer. Now, the night is here and you’re frazzled, running around […]

we smell a cross-border dance sesh!

No matter your age, there is nothing more rad than a Friday night with your girlfriends dancing your brains out (although as we get older, the refreshments served start tasting a little funnier). Come to think of it, we’ve spent so much time singing into our hairbrushes over the years that it seems weird they […]

comfort-zone-busting run playlist

If you’re anything like me, you get bored of the same workouts. From week to week, my favorite ways to sweat include yoga, spin, bar classes, running, swimming, dancing, and methods not appropriate for a public blog (hi Mom!). If a friend approaches me with a new wacky workout, I get excited to break up the monotony of my routine with something designed to shake me out of my comfort zone.

summer camping essentials and playlist

The air is fragrant with flowers, cruiser bike gangs are converging on every corner and weekend missions are being planned with the passion & precision of a NASA launch. One activity that’s synonymous with the season is the group camping trip. No matter your style of camping, from a relaxing journey into nature (with canoes, hikes and tents) to a full-on party (complete with BBQs, high-fives and cannonball competitions), there are essential components to take your voyage from lame to ‘best weekend of my LIFE!” status.