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my kind of sunday practice

A member of our digital team and a native Vancouverite, Sairah has always considered herself a fierce competitor. Here is her story of finding a love of practice and camaraderie in the most unlikely of places. Growing up in a household with 3 brothers, competition showed up just about everywhere. When they started disappearing on Sundays to […]

change of place, change of perspective

Michelina, a Keyleader at Rideau Centre, was happy unrolling her mat in the back corner of the yoga studio alongside her water bottle and towel. She enjoyed yoga to complement her workout, not necessarily for the big sweat. In her own words, she doesn’t flow (rap music or the vinyasa type) very well. Recently, when she […]

yoga in the city

All you needed to bring to Yoga in the City on Saturday October 16th was a mat and an open mind. The goal? To bring Denver together to practice yoga and celebrate their community. Here are some photos of the event from Liz, key leader and photographer at lululemon Park Meadows: Over 1,300 people showed […]

asanas abroad

you asked I am currently studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark for 6 months and was not able to bring my favourite lululemon yoga mat with me because of baggage restrictions. Are there any poses that you can suggest for someone who is traveling abroad and has a limited amount of space to work with? “Tak […]

am I ready for yoga teacher training?

you asked How does one know if they are ready to take on yoga teacher training? Is there a specific level of expertise that one should have? Does one need to have a dedicated daily yoga practice? – Kelly three yogis answer Kinndli’s answer: The thing is, you will NEVER feel ready! But you have […]

yoga pose: arm balances

you asked Can a 5′2 130 lb woman actually do arm balances? I try and I feel like it’s never going to happen for me. – Becka a yogi answers The only thing that is in your way is not believing that you can! Absolutely you can do arm balances, yes it may take time […]