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brace yourself: the booby

The booby bracer is developed for D to E cup runners. It’s specially designed for high-impact sports, and long distance running. Truth bomb: it’s tight – this is intentional and is an important feature of its bonded construction. The fit will relax a little once your body heats up. Customize your comfort and ensure a […]

braving the vancouver rain

When I told my friends and family in Toronto that I would be moving to Vancouver, the response I heard over and over again always seemed to look passed the scenic ocean and mountain views, the friendly Vancouverites, and the desirable active lifestyle that the city has to offer. “Doesn’t it rain a lot in Vancouver?” “You better be ready for rain” “Don’t forget to pack your umbrella!” YES, YES, YES. It rains in Vancouver. There I said it. And yes it is true.

behind the homepage

Meet the person currently running on our home page: Rebecca! what you do? I am a track and field athlete specializing in the 800-metres. I completed my bachelors of kinesiology at Simon Fraser University with a certificate in Health and Fitness. After SFU I studied broadcast journalism at BCIT. I run 6-8 times per week over […]

ask a fit guru

Meet Elim Specialties include: Styling, passion and knowledge for lululemon product, photo taking, splashing in puddles, keeping secrets, learning all the ins and outs on new product, creating wicked fantastic Fit & Function albums, listening, wunder under wearing, responding to pressure, and in general just being awesome. Stats: 5’2″, Size 2-4 Sweaty Time Activities: Hatha and Hot yoga, running […]

(fall)ing into organic cotton

Is it just me, or is autumn the best? I love shifting seasons. Everything slows down in my world in the fall: the tempo of the music I reach for, the way I cook my dinners, and the workouts that appeal to me. Give me a peaceful stretch in a warm room, bathed in dim […]

it’s tank time folks!

You asked for it: everything you ever wanted to know about the new tanks hitting your local store, or our online one. Ch-ch-check it below! Want to see some of the tanks featured in this video? Check ‘em out: http://shop.lululemon.com/women_tanks/pl/c/530.html Up next? Learn all about how to find the perfect fitting bra!

spinning and cycling in lululemon

When I started wearing lululemon clothes, I thought of them as mostly running and yoga apparel. Since beginning working here last year – low and behold – I have discovered some gems for cycling wear. The run line is an ideal match for spinners and cyclers. The moisture-wicking, flat-seemed garments often include either Silverescent (anti-stink/anti-static) […]

find that feature

How much do you really know about the lululemon clothing you love? Look at the pictures below and try to identify which feature is shown! Answers, in order, are at the bottom of this post. 1. (Very top image) Emergency hair tie. Unruly hair? Use the zipper pull from your jacket. It doubles as a […]

the solution to slipping on your mat

Yogitoes can help prevent dangerous slip sliding around on your mat.