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braving the vancouver rain

When I told my friends and family in Toronto that I would be moving to Vancouver, the response I heard over and over again always seemed to look passed the scenic ocean and mountain views, the friendly Vancouverites, and the desirable active lifestyle that the city has to offer. “Doesn’t it rain a lot in Vancouver?” “You better be ready for rain” “Don’t forget to pack your umbrella!” YES, YES, YES. It rains in Vancouver. There I said it. And yes it is true.

the truth about merino wool

Scratchy, heavy, and uncomfortable: these are common misconceptions about wearing wool. Read on to learn what Alexis discovered while product testing the Run: Balance Pullover as an athletic and technical fabric. Hint: it involves the word magical. Forecast = rain. Merino wool = dry and cozy. Let me start by saying that keeping warm is […]

the not so stuffy puffy

Our blog artist Alison took the Not So Stuffy Puffy to a rainy Seattle music festival. Puffy jackets have always been an enigma to me. The burning question in my mind was how does one look NOT so puffy IN a puffy? At 5’8 and roughly 145 pounds I do not exactly have what one […]

review of the run: see me jacket

A jacket that is light as a feather, reflective, and has multiple pockets to stash your phone and ipod while you run? Check out the Run: See Me Jacket!