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digital 40 days recap

Back in December, our community team committed to the 40 Day Digital Challenge and invited you to join us. Throughout the 40 days, we observed, questioned, had breakthroughs (x2), and recommited. Here now with a recap of her entire experience is Tracy, our Area Community Manager and week three contributor. Full disclosure: I took on […]

revolution week three

We are now officially half-way through our Digital 40 Days Challenge and shit’s getting real. Yoga, meditation, and asking yourself hard questions tends to make that happen. This week our Area Community Manager Tracy faced the weekly theme head on and found out what happens when you feel the urge to run and choose instead […]

revolution week two

If you’re just joining us, we’ve just finished the second week of the Digital 40 Days challenge – a program combining yoga, meditation, and guided questions via email and podcasts – and this week’s recap is brought to you from Danne, who you may remember as our Wanderlust Vermont scribe. meet danne name: Danne Dzenawagis […]