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it’s time to (re)treat yourself

Yup, it’s official: “that” time of year has arrived. I love my hometown of Vancouver dearly, but there comes a time every winter season when my Vitamin D supplements and Magnum P.I. screensaver (yes, this exists) no longer satisfy my longing for warm, sun-filled days. The walk to my neighbourhood coffee shop, yoga studio and […]

riding your yoga onto the waves

In this photo: Cydney Gurvich (surfer & yoga instructor) Give this girl a board, blow some wind in her hair and watch her come alive. Ambassador Carolyn Anne Budgell, has been an avid skateboarder, snowboarder and casual surfer since the young age of 15. Just imagine her delight when she discovered yoga and realized all […]

how to pick a yoga retreat

We just can’t stand the rain any longer. We’ve spent the past few weeks drooling over travel sites and now we’re ready to take action. We asked adventure junkie, admitted yoga addict and University Village ambassador, Silvia Mordini, how to pick a legitimate yoga retreat when it seems like everyone and their dog are hosting […]