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post-run pumpkin spice protein smoothie

From Cinderella’s carriage to the perfect canvas for crooked smiles, pumpkins have found their way into the limelight time and time again. Sydnie, our Briar Hill store manager, makes pumpkin the star of her favourite autumn post-run smoothie. She’s packed the beverage full of protein, nutrients and lots of delicious fall flavour.

run down on SeaWheeze 2013

  SeaWheeze – finishing strong and with a smile As the copywriter for the SeaWheeze Half Marathon, Ella had the unique perspective of being (almost) part of the SeaWheeze event team and also a registered runner. She hopes you got a laugh out of the kilometer marker signs. coming back from injury My goal of […]

brace yourselves

Welcoming a whole new level of support: the bracer family is designed for high impact sports and long distance running. The bras are designed to solve the unique needs of a range of cup sizes, so your cup size determines which bra you wear. the bracer family the technology This technology uses encapsulation: by separating […]

brace yourself: the booby

The booby bracer is developed for D to E cup runners. It’s specially designed for high-impact sports, and long distance running. Truth bomb: it’s tight – this is intentional and is an important feature of its bonded construction. The fit will relax a little once your body heats up. Customize your comfort and ensure a […]

the journey behind a goal: travis

Travis is the course director for our very own SeaWheeze half marathon, is one hardcore triathlete (he has his sights set on Kona 2014…) and he’s even featured on our website sporting some of our newest run gear for men. But things weren’t always like this for Travis. With just three weeks until SeaWheeze 2013, […]

run. drive. sleep? repeat

A couple of weeks ago we told you about a group of 12 runners from our Toronto family who were brave (crazy?!?) enough to take on the Ragnar Relay – a 311km relay race from Cobourg to Niagara Falls, Ontario. We knew they would be badass (they are lululemoners after all), but we were amazed […]

running in your sleep

Picture this: 310km of pavement ahead, sleeping in a van with six other sweaty people, and starting a 10km run at 2am. Not exactly what most people would envision as an ideal way to spend a weekend but for 12 members of our lululemon family in Toronto, that’s exactly what it is. The Ragnar Relay […]

eat. run. repeat.

Emma Cutfield is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Education Manager for Vega. This year, Emma’s running in her second SeaWheeze and 9th half marathon. Emma’s mission is to empower you to be proactive about your health and she’s got some tips to help do that. SeaWheeze training is officially underway and we know you are […]

lessons from 31 runs – a #mileadaymay recap

One Mile. Every day. For one month. No – it’s not a lot (or at least it didn’t seem like a lot) when our international brand coordinator, Allessia, set off on a 31-day running challenge (also known as #mileadaymay) but she ended up covering a whole lot of ground and learned a thing or two […]

irun from toronto to vancouver

Nicole, an educator from our Briar Hill store in Toronto and the team in Briar Hill have a goal of running from Toronto to Vancouver (sort of) and they’re looking for some help clocking those kms. Here’s what’s going on. — I’ll admit it: I’m not a runner. I blame it on the fact that […]