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it’s time to go shoe shopping!

It’s that time again: training season. Some of us have been running through the winter months, while others (ahem, ME) are just getting back into running after a season spent training my other favourite way: carb loading. It’s time to get to work! One of the best things about beginning a training regimen again is […]

run away: destination marathons

  Looking to run a marathon in 2011? Whether it’s your first one or your fourteenth, check out some of our favourites. We believe in travelling, so why not pick a destination race this year? (Rome, perhaps? Talk about a delicious pre-race carb load.) the races we’d love to run Head for the sun Who needs an excuse […]

victoria marathon recap

Last weekend, runners from over 20 countries flocked to beautiful Victoria BC to participate in the Victoria Marathon and lululemon was out in full force supporting, cheering, and leading the runners through a yoga class to stretch out their muscles. Check out these from the event of the runners and our lululemon community: Look for […]

road to the half marathon: complete!

The weather could not have been more perfect along the coast of San Diego for my race day. It was cloudy with a light dewy layer that kept me cool and comfortable every step of the way. The first part of the race went slightly down hill, so I booked it, knowing in the back […]

road to the half marathon: race day is here!

This past week I have had the amazing pleasure of hanging out and working out with an amazing group of our ambassadors at the Ambassador Summit. I could not have imagined a better way to spend the week before race day.

ambassador appreciation week

For the next week, we’re celebrating our global community of yogis, runners, and athletes on lululemon.com! Join us in giving a huge online shout-out to the community of lululemon ambassadors who live, teach, and inspire in local communities near you. what is the lululemon ambassador program? The lululemon ambassador program is extended to unique individuals […]

road to the half marathon: week 9

My intention for this past week: recommit to my yoga practice and nurture my aching bones. At the end of last week’s training, my bones were really achy and feeling the lack of yoga in my life. I have been so focused on hitting all of my training dates that the way my body felt […]

we’re all runners

The lululemon run club comes in all shapes and sizes. Before I ever started running I viewed the activity as an elite sport where the best of the best competed; long lean legs, killer physique and presence that could be on the cover of Runner’s World. Even though I didn’t fit any of the above […]

one cheer station at a time

The Honolulu team cheers runners on during the 37th Honolulu Marathon! It was the fourth-largest race in the United States and lululemon athletica Ala Moana was ready. Our crew came out in full force for the 37th Honolulu Marathon, an event attracting nearly 24,000 runners from Hawaii and around the world. On the morning of […]

how to listen to your body

Above is a picture of Elyse and what can happen when you don’t listen to your body. As runners, we learn to push through pain and discomfort. However, we are often stubborn when it comes to listening to our own bodies. When you are in tune with your body, you can recognize the signs that […]