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montreal marathon 2012

Montreal is a city known for vibrant summers, cold winters and for being (in my opinion!) one of the coolest cities in Canada. This “cool” factor showed up literally for over 27,000 people who ran the Oasis Rock ‘n’ Roll Montreal Marathon this past weekend, with race day temperatures hovering around 11C and brisk winds […]

in the face of injury

When faced with an injury halfway through training for her first race, Robson Store educator, Cayley, made the  decision to listen to her body and be a stand for the 7500 other runners who would need her support that day. sign me up! When I first heard about the SeaWheeze, I just knew it was […]

creatures of the night

While we are busy catching precious Zs, more than just raccoons are roaming the city streets. From rollerbladers to bikers to runners – groups of people all over the world are coming together at the darkest of hours to explore a whole ‘nutha level of nightlife fun. Who knew? To our most active night owl […]

13.1 things to pack for a destination 13.1 miles

1.Pacifica Perfume – Vanilla Vera Cruz | 2. Rocky Mountain Sport Bath Salts | 3. Women’s No Show Ultimate | 4. Philosophy Purity Facial Cleanser | 5. The energy gels you’ve been training with! (Vega will be on course) | 6. The Om Tote | 7. Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Creme | 8. Groovy Thong […]

screenspiration: run mantra wallpaper

13.1 songs for 13.1 miles

With just two weeks left to the SeaWheeze and our hardest training run out of the way (congrats btw), it’s time to focus on the fun stuff… like getting together the ultimate race playlist. Here’s a list of 13.1 “take-my-aching-body-over-the-finish-line” songs curated by the folks who know running best, you guys! 13.1 songs for 13.1 […]

13.1 awesome cheer signs for 13.1 miles

Runners, it’s time to round up the troops. Race day is just a mere three weeks away and we’re going to need all the “rah, rah!” we can get (but seriously, how bout that 20k training run?). Get your friends, families, coworkers and heck, your neighbour’s dog to join the cheering party on August 11 […]

13.1 runners who tweet for 13.1 miles

13.1 runners who tweet for 13.1 miles 1. @RunSoulCycle – Heather Gardner “R U looking to pick up the pace for your #run? Check out the four cardinal rules of speedwork: http://ow.ly/avFEg #runningtips” 2. @ScottJurek – Scott Jurek “Start area of tomorrow’s ‪#SafaricomMarathon Lewa Wildlife Preserve, Kenya w/ @nature_org http://instagr.am/p/MeEtZBSlIl/” 3. @hotbirdrunning – Jessica Green […]

13.1 links we love for 13.1 miles

1. 13.1 miles seems like nothing after you talk to this chick 2. When the going gets tough, remember all these reasons why you run 3. Here’s a little refresher on staying refreshed 4. Reinvent your race bibs with this cool DIY project 5. Once upon a time, a 13-year-old girl set a marathon world […]

meditation moment

This meditation moment was brought to you by SeaWheeze – incorporate it into your training routine for balance, centeredness and relaxation or into your life just because.