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the lion of pune, rumi and i

Our ambassador and friend Ryan Leier recently went and spent a month in India with the legendary BKS Iyengar. He wrote about the experience on his blog and was kind enough to allow us to share his experience here. For more of Ryan’s awesome writing, check out his blog at ryanleier.tumblr.com.  the lion of pune, […]

ryan leier: how did i get here?

“I realized the true power of yoga and how it was healing me on a pretty deep level. It wasn’t just healing my body but it was healing my relationships and reconnecting me to something sacred.” – Ryan Leier Epiphanies. Ah-ha moments. Game-changers.  Call them what you want, we have all experienced those pivotal moments […]

one yoga | ryan leier

You can often find us flowing at One Yoga For The People, a small studio tucked away in Gastown, Vancouver. We caught up with owner, and lululemon ambassador, Ryan Leier to chat about his studio, his lululemon lab collaboration and his favourite books and music. Your studio is called One Yoga for the People. What’s the philosophy behind the name? […]