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reliving SeaWheeze 2013

We came, we ran, we SeaWheezed. Check out some of the best moments from SeaWheeze 2013! We can’t wait to see you again in 2014. get downdog on Ryan Leier’s sunset festival playlist “Shamanic Chant No 5″ – Sacred Spirit “The Eagle and the Hawk” – John Denver” “Three Little Birds” – Bob Marley & […]

run down on SeaWheeze 2013

  SeaWheeze – finishing strong and with a smile As the copywriter for the SeaWheeze Half Marathon, Ella had the unique perspective of being (almost) part of the SeaWheeze event team and also a registered runner. She hopes you got a laugh out of the kilometer marker signs. coming back from injury My goal of […]

vancouver city guide

The SeaWheeze Half Marathon is happening August 10 and we are on the countdown. Over 10, 000 locals and out-of-towners will be literally running this town Saturday morning and painting the town Saturday night. We’ve put together a city guide with some of our favourite spaces and places in Vancouver but here are a few […]

to daddy

After a morning of perusing the #SeaWheeze hashtag on Instagram we came across this uber cute letter written by Clara to her Dad on the day his ‘funnkey’ new run shorts arrived in the mail. We couldn’t resist her love for her Dad (and his SeaWheeze shorts) and thought it would be pretty cool to […]

eat. run. repeat.

Emma Cutfield is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Education Manager for Vega. This year, Emma’s running in her second SeaWheeze and 9th half marathon. Emma’s mission is to empower you to be proactive about your health and she’s got some tips to help do that. SeaWheeze training is officially underway and we know you are […]

it’s time to get training

Starting June 3, we’re 10 weeks away from race day – that’s 68 days to be precise! Jenn and I from Rogue Running in Austin, TX (two of your official SeaWheeze Run Ambassadors) are here to help you get there. June 3 marks the start of the official SeaWheeze Tacklebox training, a 10-week, step-by-step guide […]

meet your SeaWheeze trainers: kerri

We’ve introduced you to the three amazing run ambassadors who will be leading you through your run training for SeaWheeze 2013. Now meet Kerri Kelly, our Official SeaWheeze Yoga Instructor! We love to incorporate yoga into our run training and we’ve built regular practice into the SeaWheeze training program to compliment all those miles on […]

hey SeaWheezers: Get Sweaty Get Ready is here!

yup, it’s that time again! We’ve all done it: with major excitement, we sign up for a half-marathon…and then two months before the race, we realize that we haven’t started training yet. Eeep! We are launching the TackleBox training program in May – this 10-week program is engineered to help achieve your peak performance at […]

meet your SeaWheeze trainers: blue

Last week we introduced you to Chris and Jenn from Austin, TX – this week we’re excited to introduce you to Blue Benadum from LA, who will join them as an Official SeaWheeze Trainer and lead you through the run training for SeaWheeze 2013! Blue Benadum (twitter: @BlueBenadum, Instagram: blue_benadum) Blue knows the SeaWheeze well […]

meet your SeaWheeze trainers: chris and jenn

SeaWheeze 2013 is just over 5 months away, but we just can’t wait to get started! The Get Sweaty Get Ready program starts on March 18th, and we want you to introduce you to the four awesome trainers that are going to be taking you from here to the finish line on August 10th. This […]