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13.1 links we love for 13.1 miles

1. 13.1 miles seems like nothing after you talk to this chick 2. When the going gets tough, remember all these reasons why you run 3. Here’s a little refresher on staying refreshed 4. Reinvent your race bibs with this cool DIY project 5. Once upon a time, a 13-year-old girl set a marathon world […]

13.1 race words clarified for 13.1 miles

1. Negative Split isn’t: An extreme yoga move only to be attempted by the world’s most flexible yogis. is: Running the second half of your race faster than the first half – Yah ya did! 2. PB isn’t: A Peanut Butter sandwich. is: Unless it’s the best peanut butter sandwich you’ve ever made, a PB is […]

13.1 excuses not to train for 13.1 miles

1. I’m waiting for the rain to stop. The funny thing is, the rain is waiting for you to start. 2. I still haven’t recovered from that horrific chafing injury. A healthy coat of Bodyglide in strategic places makes running more fun than a Slip ‘N Slide. 3. I can’t run and be on pinterest […]

meditation moment

This meditation moment was brought to you by SeaWheeze – incorporate it into your training routine for balance, centeredness and relaxation or into your life just because.

five post-run poses for better recovery

You’ve done your pre-run stretch and you rocked it out on the road. You are a running superstar! With the hard part over, it’s time to kick off your  shoes and let the recovery begin. Before you hit the couch, give this light, wall-based Jasyoga sequence a go to help prevent muscle stiffness and keep […]

the seawheeze diaries: week 1

Seawheeze training kicked off this week at the lululemon office here in Vancouver, and our instagram feeds have been flooded with neon running shoes, screenshots from our Seawheeze app, and sweaty people on the seawall. One person’s instagram photos stood out a little more than usual – our brand experience manager, Lesia (who you may […]

run the world

Before Joanna came to lululemon (you know her as the quick-witted writer responsible for one-liners like this) she could be found serving cocktails at 30,000ft and reminding us that the captain has turned on the seatbelt sign. With limited time between landings and take-offs, her favourite way to see the world was by foot (and […]