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blissed out with eoin finn

He’s been one of our ambassadors since the dawn of the Groove Pant. It’s impossible to be in a bad mood around him. If you haven’t experienced Eoin Finn, either in person or on DVD, you have a good thing coming. Read on. Eoin (pronounced “Ian”) Finn is not a yoga instructor – not entirely, at least. […]

salutation nation 2010, our movement

Thank you for giving us a space to practice yoga and take in the air with our neighbours across North America.

our culture on wheels

Meet Andrea, Elizabeth and our new lululemon love van! They had the great opportunity to bring the love van to its new home in California. Get ready to see the van pop up near you! Andrea and Elizabeth doing dancer’s pose. Proudly driven down from Portland to San Francisco by Andrea Hehr and Elizabeth Brotz, […]

global mala

Autumn: my favourite season of the year. The combination of falling leaves, crisp weather, and sweatshirts brings warmth to my heart. Another reason I like autumn? Global Mala. This is an event that marks this seasonal transition, appropriately taking place on the weekend of the Fall Equinox. In the international yoga community, Global Mala is […]